FAQs About Electricity

Question: Why should you consider preventive maintenance on your electrical system every 4 to 5 years?

Here are some good reasons:

Electricity is really Electromotive Force (EMF). Each time you use the electricity in your home, the wires want to move, but are trapped in place by mechanical connections such as screws, clamps and staples. These mechanical connections can loosen over time resulting in circuit failures, blinking lights, short lifespan for your electronics, etc. Your electrical panel connections should be tightened every 5 years at the latest.

Sloppy or loose outlets should be replaced for safety’s sake. Loose plugs and cords are a shock hazard to small children and present a real fire hazard.

If your electrical needs have changed and you have to make a trip to the breaker or fuse panel once a week it is time to get that overloaded circuit fixed or split up.

If you have never tested all your circuit breakers, this is the time to do it. It is possible for them to fail in the on position and provide no protection at all.

If you have a fuse panel, are you sure you have the correct size fuses screwed into each hole? Too large a fuse with too small a wire can cause the wire to overheat resulting a dangerous fire hazard condition.

Is your electrical panel located in a damp location? A rusted electrical panel is barely any protection at all. This should be evaluated for repair or replacement.

If you have one of these conditions or any other electrical problem, don’t wait – get it repaired now!