Networking & Communications 

Wiring for Telephone, Computer and other Data Sources

Is there a hum in your telephone line?

If you can pick up your phone, push or dial a 1 and hear a significant hum then there is a problem with your telephone system.  Hum can be caused by telephone wiring being too close to the electrical wiring in your home, a bad telephone, poor service from the phone company or a host of other things.  The telephone wiring in your home can be replaced with newer shielded cabling installed in such a manner as to minimize the interference.  If you are using a regular modem for dial up access, this could boost your performance.  Call or email us to request a free quote.

Do you need a higher security computer network?

Protect your valuable data from wireless snoopers by using a category 6 fully cabled Ethernet network.  Stealing uplink time from wireless networks has become quite common.  The only way to truly guarantee against this theft is to remove the wireless component from the equation.  A fully cabled Ethernet network can accomplish this.  Cabled network lines can also be used to extend your wireless network to those places in your home that are shielded from wireless reception. Call or email us to request a free quote.

Did the cable guy drill unsightly holes everywhere?

Quick, fast and cheap cable installation means holes drilled through your outside walls and hardwood floors.  The black cable lines never match or even compliment the inside or outside of your home.  We can make the cabling system disappear outside and in.   Our data tubing system guarantees that new cable, phone and network lines can be easily installed anywhere in your home.  Data tubing also allows you the flexibility to change your mind and keep your costs down because additional lines are easily added later. Call or email us to request a free quote.

Is your phone line a lightning rod?

Yes, it is.  Any wire attached to your home is a potential path for lightning to strike.  Many people have electrical surge protectors on their electronic appliances (TV, stereo, computer).  Most do not have surge protection for their telephone line.  We can install a whole home telephone surge unit that will protect all the phones on one phone line.  Cable units are available too.  Call or email us to request a free quote.