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Falk Electric Solar Installation - Lima NY

Falk Electric Solar INstallation Honeoye Falls NY

Why Choose Falk Electric over our competition?

  • You can see that each of our panels is monitored INDIVIDUALLY. This saves you money by letting you know if a single panel is not performing as well as the others – perhaps needing a quick spray from a garden hose to remove dust or bird fouling.
  • We proudly use solar panels made in the USA.
  • We are a US Veteran Owned Company
  • We only use US Citizens for our labor force
  • We are Certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners – NABCEP
  • We will service systems installed by others if you have lost your installer
  • We will help you reduce your electrical demand to maximize your Solar Electricity System

Solar Electricity in Western New York State 

Each day, more solar falls to the Earth than the entire planet could consume in 27 years. Rochester receives 1497 hours of insolation annually which is 72% of what San Diego receives. I know, San Diego gets almost 3 more hours of sun each Day on average than Rochester – so how can those numbers be correct? Solar electric panels are semiconductors. When you heat a semiconductor, it becomes less efficient. Higher heat conditions in San Diego means less sunlight is converted to electricity when the panels are under the hottest sun. Solar production in colder but sunnier months in the Rochester area is actually much closer to optimal – lots of light with cold panels.

How do Photovoltaic or Solar Electric systems work? Semiconductor panels capture the energy and transform it into electricity that we can use. Systems are scalable in that as few as one panel may be installed to produce electricity. The technology is getting better and the prices are reasonable while the price of electricity continues to increase. The panels are built of cells. The cells are all linked in a row. Think of them like batteries in a flashlight. If you have one bad battery, the light performs poorly or not at all. The same is true if the solar panel is shaded. Shading of one cell can reduce the panel output by 70% or more. Therefore we try to minimize the effects of shading with good placement, tree trimming and the like.

Grid Tied Solar is a system that allows the excess power generated to go back to the electrical grid. Remember that 70% of the electricity generated is lost between the source and the consumer. Generating your own electricity helps to lower that number, because very little of what you generate will be lost. Grid Tied Solar systems are eligible for Tax credits and Grants under certain conditions. Check out for a list of what is available to you, then contact us for a Solar Electricity Site Evaluation.